elliott's trading post

i've been having these weird thoughts lately

Hi there! Welcome to my trading post! Here you can find links to all of my trading posts for the various tcgs I'm active in. The names of the tcgs can be found above and clicking on one will take you to that game's post. A secondary navigation bar can be found underneath the primary navigation. The secondary navigation bar contains links to my collecting, future and trade piles.
You're welcome to offer me a trade via my trade form (available through the "trade?" link) or on a dreamwidth or forum post! Whatever you are most comfortable with! The dreamwidth/forum posts for each tcg can be found on the main page of individual game.
I love making friends through tcgs! Please don't hesitate to talk to me! You can find me on tumblr or AO3 or you can contact me via email at elliottmarshal[at]gmail.com.